SOS! NTSC-J Wii Wiikey & PAL GAMECUBE Games...

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    Sep 3, 2007
    Guys, one of my main goal to get a Wii was so i can play the Gamecube games I bought when i was in PAL Country, but it seems very difficult to get Pal games to work on NTSC-J Wii.

    Here's a brief detail about my Wii & TV

    *My wiikey is updated to 1.9b
    *I'm using Setup Disc 1.3 with Region Overide & Full GC Region ON.
    *My TV supports multiple signals including NTSC & PAL.
    *Using Nintendo Component Cables

    I want to play my PAL Games:

    1.Animal Crossing (not working)
    2.Resident Evil 0 (not working)
    3.Resident Evil 1 (not working)
    4.Resident Evil 3 (working)


    For Animal Crossing & RE0, I get no graphics but sound...

    For RE1, I get graphics but it's jumping up and down...

    For RE3, I used to be able to run directly via Wii menu before updating to 1.9b and setup disc 1.3, but after updating and enabling Full GC Region, it shows no graphics if I load it directly, now I have to use GCOS to load the disc and select NTSC signal.

    I'm assuming it's because the PAL signal and Wiikey haven't been programmed to force GC PAL signals out of NTSC Wii, but it can output PAL Wii games, so why not Gamecube Games? With Wiikey site down for months, I have little hope for a new update...

    If anyone managed to run the above PAL games using NTSC-J or NTSC-U, please let me know how to. I wanted to play the games so much but couldn't. Now I'm nearly closing a deal to get a bunch of US games, but was hoping my PAL games won't just be bought in vain...
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    Aug 9, 2007
    down under
    Some PAL games will play with errors on a ntsc-j wii because of the 60hz vs 50hz deal

    Some games will refuse to play the video because unlike a real gamecube
    the Wii does not have a ntsc50hz mode whereas the Cube (ntscj/usa) does

    When trying to play a gamecube game such as animal crossing there will
    never be a working video signal coming from your ntsc-j wii because it cant convert the pal50hz
    signal (A.C. - PAL - only works in pal50 mode) because the ntsc-j wii will always output an
    ntsc signal

    it tries ntsc50 as the game will only run in 50hz but the wii has no NTSC50hz mode

    hope that helps

    I have an ntsc-j wii and many PAL games do not work
    The only ones that do are ones that run in PAL60hz mode or 480p mode

    incomplete 60hz 16:9 games list

    Publisher Game Title 60hz? 16:9?
    --------- ---------- ----- -----

    Nintendo Luigi's Mansion No No
    Wave Race No No
    SSB:M Yes No
    NBA Courtside 2002 ? ?
    Pikmin No No
    Metroid Prime ? No
    Super Mario Sunshine Yes No
    Doshin ? No
    Eternal Darkness Yes Yes
    Mario Party 4 No No
    Mickey's Magical Mirror ? ?
    Star Fox Adventures Yes Yes

    Sega Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Yes No
    Super Monkey Ball Yes No
    Super Monkey Ball 2 Yes Yes
    Virtua Striker 3 ver 2002 Yes Yes
    Beach Spikers Yes No
    Sega Soccer Slam ? No

    Activision Rogue Squadron 2 Yes No
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 No No
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 No Yes
    Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer ? ?
    Bloody Roar Yes No
    Spider-Man Yes No
    Lost Kingdoms Yes No
    Jedi Knight 2 ? ?
    Mat Hoffman Pro BMX 2 ? No
    Wreckless ? ?

    Acclaim Crazy Taxi Yes No
    Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 No No
    BMX XXX No No
    Burnout Yes Yes
    Extreme G 3 No No
    18 Wheeler Yes No
    Legends of Wrestling Yes No
    Supercross World ? ?
    Zoocube Yes No
    Aggressive Inline No No
    Turok Evolution ? No

    Kemco Universal Studios ? ?
    Eggo Mania ? No

    Capcom Capcom vs SNK 2 EO Yes No
    Resident Evil No No

    EA Cel Damage ? ?
    Fifa 2002 World Cup No ?
    Fifa 2003 World Cup No Yes
    Simpson's Road Rage ? ?
    SSX Tricky ? Yes
    007 - Agent Under Fire No No
    007 - Nightfire ? ?
    Tiger Woods 2003 No No
    Harry Potter COS No No
    MOH: Frontline ? ?
    NBA Live 2003 ? ?
    Need for Speed 2 ? ?
    NHL 2003 ? ?

    Ubi Soft Donald Duck Quack Attack No No
    Batman Vengeance ? ?
    Tarzan: Untamed ? ?
    Worms Blast ? No

    BAM! Driven ? ?
    Reign of Fire ? ?

    Midway NHL Hitz 20:02 ? ?
    NHL Hitz 20:03 ? ?
    Spy Hunter Yes No
    Gauntlet DL ? ?
    Red Card Yes ?

    Konami ISS 2 No ?
    ESPN Winter Sports ? ?
    Disney Sports Football ? ?

    Eidos Ace Golf ? ?
    Timesplitters 2 ? No

    THQ Tetris Worlds No No
    Dark Summit No No
    Mystic Heroes ? ?
    WWE X8 No No

    Virgin Barbarian ? ?

    Infogrammes Big Air Freestyle Yes No
    Godzilla: DAMM ? No

    Vivendi Bomberman Generations ? ?
    Crash Bandicoot ? ?

    Rage (RIP) Rocky ? ?
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    Oct 25, 2007
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    AFAIK, you can't play PAL games on a NTSC wii hooked via component. I could play most of my pal games on my US wii when I was still playing on my SD TV
  4. papaya

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    Sep 3, 2007
    Really nice list, you should consider adding them to GC list.

    Also Mickey Mirror PAL works on NTSC-J Wii.

    One thing i don't understand why JP Wii can run Pal Wii games but not GC games, is it because Wii Pal games come with 60Hz most of the time?

    Also does it matter if i use component or composite cables? I'm using the latest CRT TV via component.