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    - Soul Surge move: press B and shake - causes a “series of deadly lock-on strikes or a blinding turbo boost that can get the hedgehog out of almost any dangerous situation”
    - some skills from Sonic and the Secret Rings will make a return
    - two new skills: Paladin’s shield-breaking ability, and Cavalier’s wall-climbing Splash Jump
    - sword is called the ‘Caliburn’
    - add offensive/defensive abilities
    - Molten Mine features…minecarts
    - Titanic Plains features grass which you can cut
    - “Each area has multiple missions - between six and nine per environment - and since there are two paths through the game, you won’t visit some stages until subsequent playthroughs, providing plenty of replay value.”
    - multiplayer allows for CPU fights
    - March release mentioned
    - acquire new skills based on the fighting style you choose for a level
    - skills are measured in ’stars’
    - start off in Misty Lake, then go to Camelot Castle, Molten Mine, Titanic Plains, and more
    - Tails is a blacksmith, and creates useful items out of items you collect

    News Source: NeoGAF
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    Huh, I may try it out at least. I actually liked Secret Rings despite its flaws. I wonder if it's on-rails like the previous game though.

    I wonder if there's gonna be Time Slow/Speed Up too.
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    Oh no Sonic with a sword...I have a bad feeling about for SEGA's company is full of EVIL!
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    "- Titanic Plains features grass which you can cut"
    Cool, now I can cut grass all the time I want.