Some wireless functions broken by region mismatch?

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    Jul 22, 2015
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    For background, I have a gateway n3ds on 8.1J. The emunand is GW3D 9.5.0-23J

    I have noticed some functions are broken if I play non Japanese games on the system, especially streetpass and download play.

    Some examples: USA region etrian Mystery Dungeon will bring up the wireless user agreement then actually create streetpass data on the system. It will re-display the wireless agreement dialogue, every time you go to save the game, and doesn't seem to accept incoming passes, still need to test for outgoing passes on all games.

    USA Smash bros does similar, creating data, but not functioning correctly. JP smash works fine, and is able to exchange passes with USA smash normally, as its a title that allows users from different regions to streetpass, I think not all games do though.

    USA triforce heroes, when attempting to host download play, gives a generic system error message to try again.

    Is there a known way to work around these issues? Thanks for looking!