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    To stream a file to your PS3, just share a file on your local network, windows supports it natively (known as Windows shares).

    Yes, you would have to wait for a new version of SEN Enabler or an updated CFW.

    ODE stands for (Optical Drive Emulator), it's an hardware modification that enables playing game backups on OFW, so just ignore it I guess as it's nearly not related to CFW.
    It doesn't matter if it's an HAN compatible PKG or not, just don't forget to install the licence file (included in most fix.pkg).
    And no, I don't think the order matters, thought it's weird to have game updates without the game.
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    It still doesn't show up on the XMB if I don't use Universal Media Server together with Movian unlike before when I only needed the former. and had to set the PS3's IP address, the Subnet mask, the Primary DNS and the Second DNS to match the PC's (I still need to do this last step even after using Movian together with Universal Media Server). Do I have to use that Samba FTP you talked about to stream movies to the PS3's Movian (I don't know how to do that)? I suppose it wouldn't need Universal Media Server but would I still need to change the PS3's IP address, Subnet mask, Primary DNS and Second DNS for it to work? Also, do you think if I can get this to work using only Movian the 1080p MKV videos (or other videos) will still crash? And what if I keep using Universal Media Server together with Movian?

    And what do those + 2.X, + 3.Y, + 4.Z PKG mean? Are they related to the PS3's FW? If so, I should only install the latter since my FW is + 4.X, right? And what about those 1.04-1.08 Fixes? Do I need to install all of them or just the latter (1.08)?

    Can I have FMV/Audio/Framerate problems on NTSC PS1 games on my PAL PS3 using webMAN MOD? If so, should I only download PAL PS1 games?

    Could you answer this thread?
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