Some questions about pokemon hacking.

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  1. Rayzark

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    Nov 11, 2015
    Hi, so I have 3 questions to do.
    1: How can I edit the text? I tried exporting it with pk3ds, but I can't find story text like the prof.Birch initial sentence.
    2: Why the ow texture editing work only on ohana3ds? I modified the textures of Brendan, in Ohana3ds the model have mine textures, but in the game looks normal.
    3: How can I edit the initial logo? One time i did it but when I tried to play normally, the game don't wanted to load the save. Then I removed it and the game returned normal.
    4: How can I edit the story (create events or scripts)? I won't to create an hackrom with edited story like Ttar extreme alpha saphirre.
    Thanks for being patient.
  2. Thelostrune

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    Aug 13, 2015
    3 questions? Lies.
    You tried editing it, right? Well, you need to look through all the text, not just some.

    Oh? Are you sure you're editing the right model? Brendan/May have several overworld models, for some reason.
    Overworld texture editing right now is pretty shit, anyway. Textures are being heavily compressed. I'm working on getting that removed.

    Initial logo? Do you refer to the game banner, the Game Freak logo or the OR/AS start screen logo? If it's the latter, use pk3DS.

    You can't edit, delete or create event scripts. We need to successfully edit the game code/.cro files.
    No one has done this, I believe TTT only plays a new repacked version each time. It would explain a lot of things.