1. Wanela

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    Sep 29, 2018
    Hey everybody! I got myself a Vita a while back and I've been really enjoying it, but I've always thought that having some emulators on thist thing would be fantastic, and since we this new 3.68 hack is out I wanted to try it, but I have some questions and would really appreciate it if someone who knows this stuff would help me out:

    1. How is the situation with emulators? I'm mostly Interested in SNES and GBA, PS one and Genesis would also be nice.
    2. I know that this hack does not presist and you need to redo it after each reboot. How involved is it? Can I do it away from a computer? Maybe a bit of a stupid question, but Is the stuff I put on the Vita using the hack (emulators, games for them) still going to be on there?
    3. Is my account going to be banned for this? Can I still buy games and download the ones I have bought already?

    I hate doing this but I can't seem to find all the information I need, so I thought that it would be faster to just ask someone who knows this.
  2. Tri-Z

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    Nov 25, 2005
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    Most of info is in the stickies at top of the dif forum topics for vita hacking and hombrew

    But ps1 stuff works like it did on psp. U will nd adrenaline app on vita for it.
    For retro emus, the ones out for psp prob the best to use and they r setup same way as u would on psp
    Need computer to put the h encore hack on vita. After that u don’t need pc

    There vita and psp hombrew browsers on the vita
    And yes u can still play ur bought games

    As for ban, who knows. That’s up to Sony. There haven’t been any reports of bans and Sony kinda of abandoned the vita along time ago. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t. But the end of life of vita is near so does being banned really matter
    I guess if u use account for other Sony systems then maybe you’d care. Just make new one for hacked vita. Then dl the games u already had anyway
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  3. wallflowertrist


    Oct 15, 2018
    United States
    1. Your main emulator is going to be RetroArch's Vita build, it has base emulators for a LOT of different systems, but it has some struggles and optimization issues because it's ported and isn't as rigorously updated as the main build. I couldn't get it to reliably play GBA smoothly, but what Tri-Z said is correct. Your best bet would be to use a homebrew app called Adrenaline, which basically boots you into the PSP, which the Vita runs flawlessly. At that point you can download and use gPSP, which is a GBA emulator for the PSP, which runs better and more smoothly than any GBA emulator on Vita so far. Really strange, but that's the best way.

    2. It's not involved at all. Basically you get an app on your home screen called h-encore, and everytime you hard reboot your Vita, you have to launch the app, say yes that you don't want to earn any trophies in that app, then the screen flashes colors for a second, and then you're in a menu where you select to "install Henkaku", and boom. you can close that app, and the hack is enabled. It's actually a bit good that you can use the stock Vita with the hack disabled, just in case you're running a lot of plugins and want to play a more demanding game that's lagging more than usual because of all your plugins running.

    3. I really highly doubt you'll get banned as long as you're just playing emulated stuff offline, PSP, GBA, PS1. You can... acquire full on Vita games, but I've never tried that, that's sketchy water to me. Obviously, I think you could get those games and as long as you stick to offline you'd be 100% safe.
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