1. butfluffy

    OP butfluffy Advanced Member

    Aug 20, 2009
    i have a pstv with 3.20 firmware and tn-v exploit and have not messed with it in ages
    i would like to improve the setup and start using henkaku after watching some impressive videos on youtube.
    the problem is i have been researching a lot online how to do this and ended up at the trusty vita hacks guide page.
    this is where the confusion starts and the confusion is probably down to some outdated infomation so i thought i would ask here.

    1. should i follow the guide on the vita hacks page ans use the dns settings to update my 3.20 vita tv to 3.65 and then perform the hack? the reason i ask is because i read some info elsewhere which states you can't get henkaku and enso running on a 3.65 vita (tv) unless you previously hacked it on 3.60 version. there is no mention of this on the vita hacks page and i assume this info is outdated?

    2. another thing i did not see mentioned on the vita hacks page is that i need to have linked an account to the vita (tv) before being able to connect my vita to qcma and perform the hack. i'm being cautious here and i don't want to use my regular psn user account with an henkaku hacked vita so i decided to use it with a different account in case of an account ban

    3. how is the adreneline psp cfw working in comparision to tn-v? does it have compatibility issues or performance issues? i found tn-v worked really well and was hoping adreneline would be the same. i assume it should be the same because from what i gather it just bridges the gap between the vita psp emulator and cfw ability so compatibilty and performance should be identical. still no harm in asking here.

    any help would be great guys. i'm usually cautious and try to get conformation rather than rushing in and regreting it later.
  2. Tri-Z

    Tri-Z Tri z

    Nov 25, 2005
    United States
    Needing hacked vita to move to 3.65 is old news. There was only like 4 months that was valid. Then h encore was released and can just do Henkaku from stock 3.65.
    Not sure what ur saying bout the psp stuff. But adrenaline works pretty good and u should be fine for psp. There’s a bubble installer and can install psp bubbles right to ur live area to launch from there or can just start adrenaline and choose games like do on psp
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