Some help with 3DS XL accessories and batteries please?

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    So I just got the Zelda XL 3DS from Target- and am immediately lamenting the loss of being able to use my Nyko power grip. Additionally, I would like to get screen protectors ASAP and I've read so many conflicting opinions I've no idea what to get.

    The biggest thing for me is the battery, so I'll start there. At first, all I could find was Mugen's $100 battery[1] , which is well reviewed[2] in multiple places. However! The Nyko Power Grip offered the same staying power to the 3DS, and that was only $30, even less now... Additionally, that didn't require me to go about opening the system and using a different battery cover! I could still easily take it off if I wanted to , say, use a Circle Pad Pro.
    At first that was all I could find, but quite a bit of googling led me to two other seemingly unheard-of products by "yuyuanz", one similar to the Power Grip in that it snaps on[3] , but nowhere do I see it's power rating, or even price!

    As for protecting the system: ArmorSuit[4] or Skinomi Techskin[5] , which thin "indestructible" coatings to the entire system, and from what I've read thin enough that it doesn't interfere with other products at all. No idea which I should get between the two, ArmorSuit boasts being self-healing though. O.o
    There's also silicone and plastic or TPU cases, such as Hori's[6] , but silicone would get in the way of a battery extender or CPP since it's one piece, and I've heard bad things about hard cases causing scratches... not necessarially a problem with the Armorskin there too, but it feels like overkill to get both, unless I grab that cheap eforcity clear case + screen protectors[7] bundle, but then there's that nasty hinge in the way when I only have half of it on...

    TLDR: No idea what accessories to grab, would appreciate some input, especially from anyone that might know more about 3DS XL/LL batteries or has personal experience with screen protectors any of the kinds of products I'm looking for.

    Edit: I did find one other unweildly-seeming battery product: Essentially, a case that connects four AA batteries to the charging port.[8]
    It would certainly work, I suppose, but it's by no means elegant. A good use for all those 2700 mAh Powerex batteries I got for... reasons. Pop in four, and have another four in the Powerex case, and leave them both put away until the 3DS's own battery runs low. Meh.

    Edit 2: I talked to someone from the yuyuanz site. He said the clip-on device is indeed just a design mock-up, they didn't have the tooling. Too bad >: I wish Nyko would go back into 3DS accessories, their Power Grip is AMAZING. And I love the Nyko+ Wii controller.

    ( crossposted from my reddit thread at which will have working links at all the [numbers] )
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    Geez, its a video game system not Mr. Potato Head. >.<

    The 3dsXL is perfectly fine in its birthday suit. : )
    Accessorize it with games.
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    Since you just copy-pasted from your other post, its impossible to read in the Dark Theme. Please edit your post, select all your text and then click the eraser button./
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    Battery life, while marginally better, is still pretty horrible. And I, for certain, need to get some protection on it before it starts getting scratched and nicked!

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    remember high capacity batteries for cheap dont exist it might be the same as a normal battery. bigger capacity bigger size. so id go with the mugen :) if you want to use circle pad pro your out of luck depends on what matters to you more really :/
  6. Rinth

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    Mugen is your only choice. All other batteries are available only for 3DS and not XL.

    Be warned that while the product is quite nice, the delivery time is downright dreadful. Expect 1-2 months wait.

    Getting a case is almost redundant if you are getting Mugen, since virtually no case is compatible with Mugen. The only ones that can be used with Mugen are separate in two (top and bottom, instead of connected), and you can only apply the top cover. Just get some screen protectors.
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