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    Hi all,

    I can't seem to get a straight answer to this question anywhere, though I think I already (unfortunately) know it:

    I want to make my 360 legit, BUT due to the death of my desktop PC, I can't reflash it back to stock So my question is: If I update normally (via disc), am I in danger of being banned from Live? In other words, do I *have to* flash back to stock to go on Live at all w/o fear?

    Thanks for any light :)
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    If you're on dash 12xxx or lower You can grab the lastest dash update from MS and put it on a USB drive and update the console.
    If you're on dash 14699 you cannot flash the drive back via USB/DVD updates.

    However this is not advised and could potentially flag your console for a future ban.

    I could flash the drive for you if you want to.
    Only thing I ask for it is that you pay for shipping costs ;p