So why was PALib so bad?

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    Just out of curiosity, I checked out some old DS homebrew but some people in the Comments said that the creator was using PALib, and that he should avoid it.

    Why was it so bad, and why where there still so many homebrew games/apps made with it?
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    In your heap, shifting bits.
    The maintainer was a cool dude.
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    It was easy to use and beginner-friendly. As a result, many cool things were made with it.

    That doesn't matter to real programmers though, if you don't use libnds or assembly, you're a n00b.
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    The first point is true. The second point is not true. The reason it was recommended to avoid palib was because it was not kept up to date with changes to libnds and it caused a lot of problems to be reported to devkitarm support. Palib did allow you to get something running quickly but it got more difficult from there.
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    Exactly. If PALib had managed to keep up-to-date with each new release of libnds, proactively retiring any "hacked-together" functions in favor of the "official" libnds replacements with each and every release, then there wouldn't have been any drama whatsoever. The problem is, that is much easier said than done. It proved to be too difficult for the PAlib maintainers, who are only human with regular jobs just like the rest of us, so PAlib ended up being kinda stuck in a rather specific configuration of DevKitARM tools/compilers/whatever.

    Anyway this is a complete side note, but there is one PAlib-based homebrew game that I would highly suggest everyone try out in no$gba or your favorite DS emulator of choice. It's a Zelda fangame by a fellow named Lupidan, and the reason it can only be played off of slot-2 devices or an emulator is because the game's audio files are packaged into the rom itself using a system called "PAFS", or "PAlib File System", or "It's GBFS by Tepples renamed"