snes9xTYLmecm -- how to adhoc?

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    being as i'm so new to the psp, i missed the entire scene which seems to have died out a few years ago. i'm trying to find a guide for doing adhoc on the various emulators. i haven't been able to find a guide or a video that will help me from start to finish.

    last night i attempted to get snes9xTYLmecm working. i'm using version "091127 fixed2". both psp units are 3001. one is permi-hacked with 6.20 pro b10 f1, the other is using 6.60 pro b10 f1. both have had their adhoc channel set the same. the wifi switch is turned on. both are using the same rom, same crc, etc. the internet connection on both units works, the test passes. they can both browse the web and sync the date/time.

    i hit start to get to the network mode for the emu and launched the rom on both units. nothing happens, the green wifi light never comes on, and the controls are unresponsive. i can press home to get back into the menu, so the psp units aren't locking up.

    i'm not sure what i'm missing and would love some suggestions.

    -another world
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    i am having same problem... could it be that i need a lower cfw? or maybe a different release of SNES9x? cause the wifi light doesn't even blink... are the psps supposed to pair automatically?