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    Jul 19, 2020
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    (It's not the usual error/ the black)

    Skip if you want:
    Sorry for reuploading in a different topic, it's just that this text applies to more than one topic, and since i didn't know where to upload it and since no one clicked on my post on the other topic, i posted this here too.

    I own a copy of brawl, and decided to back it up and test, just in case(testing from USB loader gx, the latest version). If i press a button, it sometimes counts it as 2 presses(actually it is more accurate to say that it pauses and resume a press, as seen when moving the hand in the character menu or when holding A when choosing a character, which results in selecting and de-selecting). I downloaded a file from the internet and it does it on that file as well. Is there a fix?

    This problems persists only in Brawl, ive tried 3 different controllers with/without nunchucks/classic controllers. The intro lags in certain parts but only a little.
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