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    Okay, so I'm watching Breaking Bad for the second time now, and I'm just not noticing how much of a bitch Skylar is (Walter's Wife)! Anything Walt does is suspicious to her!

    I just got to an episode in season 2 where Walt made breakfast for the family and she's just standing there like, "Wtf? Damn he must be doing something bad" and that is her reaction to everything! Her face to anything he does is just...almost like she's dumbfounded!

    In my opinion, she's my least favorite character by FAR. She gets in the way of Walt and it pisses me off!

    Sorry for the meaningless rant :P
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    It is taking you two complete viewings to work that out. I hope you are not a detective.
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    I agree, she was a dumb cunt the entire show. My biggest beef with the whole show is when

    (spoilers below)

    Warning: Spoilers inside!