SKY3DS online template problem (help)

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    Apr 28, 2015
    ok so i have already inject my (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate) private header to my template with skytempidedit.exe and the new name for this online template is new-template. in my microsd i have about 10-13 games, so here is the problem: i deleted my mario kart 7 rom from my microSD and change to my new-template and then re-write mario kart 7 to my microsd again with online template, and i leave the other ROMs with my old-offline-template. and i then insert my sky3ds to 3DS and scroll my games, and guess what after it switched to my last game which is zelda majora mask, and i press blue button, it should be mario kart7 that comes out, but its nothing, just nothing is coming after zelda majora mask, its like you have no cartridge inserted. i reset my skyds card by pushing the blue button while inserting, ejecting, inserting and my first game pop out which is Fire Emblem Awakening, so i retry and re-scroll my games, and same thing happened. so what is wrong with my way injecting my public header, i wonder if someone can help me solve this problem. please guys help me