Shrinking a GW-style 2GB emunand to n3DS 1.2GB

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    I'm in the process of moving a 2GB emunand dump (from a GW formatted SD) to a card formatted by EmuNAND9. Apparently EmuNAND9 detected the native NAND size of the n3DS and partitioned the SD card appropriately.

    The emunand partition created by EmuNAND9 is 1240MB, so obviously there's an issue. From what I've read, the extra space above 1240MB is zero-padding, so I've done the following:

    dd if=emuNAND.bin of=emuNANDsmall.bin bs=1k count=1269760

    The emuNANDsmall.bin restored without error into the EmuNAND9-formatted card. It also booted properly and seems to be running just fine.

    Has anyone else done something similar, or can a more experienced dev (d0k3?) chime in on this? Or is there a better method than simply truncating the larger emuNAND?

    Thanks for any insight.