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Jun 24, 2007
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    United States


    Nintendo Switch Grey (4.1.0 running 5.1.0/autorcm, main system)
    Nintendo Switch Neon (5.0.1, spare)
    Nintendo Switch Grey (2.1.0, spare secondary)
    Nintendo Switch Grey (1.0.0 fakenews)
    Panasonic Q [Swiss-enabled]
    Analogue Super NT [jailbreak]
    Wii U 32GB Black 5.5.1 + 500GB SSD - main system
    Wii U 8GB White 5.5.1 + 250GB SSD - backup
    White "black friday" N3DS + B9S - main system
    ACNL 3DS XL AL9H - backup
    US Pokemon 20th N3DS + AL9H - backup
    US ACHH N3DS + B9S - backup
    Ambassador release-day 3DS + AL9H - backup
    Red o3DS 9.2.0-20U - test/hardmod system (retired)
    JP N3DS 11.0.0-33U+A9LH - (retired)
    Blue 2DS, 9.2+9.5 emunand (retired)
    MM N3DS XL 9.2+9.5 emunand (retired)
    Red 3DS 9.2+9.5 emunand (retired)
    Blue 3DS XL (retired)
    Famicom Mini (hacked) + NES Classic [stock]
    SNES Mini + SFC Mini [stock]
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