Should i wait for a new iphone.

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    So for graduation my parents are going to buy me a iphone cause my whole family has iPhones. I don't want a android because AT&T won't let the users dowload 3rd partie apps. And plus all of the emulators were taken off the market. So iv'e been looking around and i can't find any news about a iphone successors and i think the iphone 5 is just a rumor but i know that GBATemp knows best so here is what i want you guys to answer in the posts.

    Will there be a iPhone 4 successors?
    If so when will it come out?
    How long would it be untill there is a jailbreak for the so called "Next iPhone"?
    Should i wait for the next iphone or get a iPhone 4?
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Well, there have been rumors about an iPhone 5 coming out in September. You should wait until then.
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    some how i knew you were in 8th grade
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    Droid (sprint) u do have to download the emulator from the market this google a site or sumthin.

    EDIT : An yes a iphone 5 will becoming out don know when just know the people at sprint told my sister that . . . .
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    Will there be a iPhone 4 successor? Yes, you can safely bet a million dollars on the fact that there will be an iPhone successor.
    If so when will it come out? Rumours have pointed to all kinds of different dates. Traditionally, based on Apple's yearly hardware update cycles, the iPhone 4's successor should be out within a matter of weeks (June is the iPhone month). However, because of the more recent launch of the iPhone on Verizon in the U.S. back in January, rumours have stated the release may have been pushed back, possibly to September or even later. You can probably say that it'll be out by the end of the year, but nothing solid yet. Apple's having a news conference in the next few days, so maybe we'll be getting details around that time.
    How long would it be until there is a jailbreak for the so called "Next iPhone"? Apple has been working on their latest iOS version, iOS 5, for quite some time. Chances are, the new iPhone will be sporting this new, updated version. If Apple does the smart thing, they should've covered up the exploits used to jailbreak the current iOS versions. That being said, Apple products have been known to be jailbroken within weeks, even days, after their launch. I wouldn't bet on anything quick, since this is a new iOS version that it'll be sporting.
    Should i wait for the next iPhone or get a iPhone 4? The iPhone successor on the line shouldn't have much that the iPhone 4 doesn't. The iPhone 4 is made so well, Apple really doesn't need to upgrade its hardware at all. So if you're impatient, go for the iPhone 4. If you think you can wait a bit, the next iPhone will likely be announced sometime soon.
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    I believe online states that the next iPhone will come by early next year, but who knows?
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    I'm tempted to get an iPhone 4 because I can't bother to wait for the next one and I really like the current one's form factor.