Should I buy this arcade stick?

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    Jun 1, 2013
    I've had my eyes on a certain arcade stick for quite some time. It is compatible with PC/PS2/PS3. Which is all I need actually. However it is one of the cheap arcade sticks and I was wondering if it would disappoint me. I'd be very happy if someone could tell me if they have seen or used it. What kind of pros and cons it has.

    I'd really like to play some fighting games, I've never been especially good at them, I'm planning to start playing with an arcade stick, and who knows it may prove useful with some arcade compilations for ps2/ps3 as well.

    All I have is a picture, since seller did not put any information about it. Don't look for it on ebay or something, it is a regional site.

    I'd appreciate if you could post some info here or pm me, or direct me to some place that I could get more info from. I believe I have to but this in the next 3-4 hours or I will lose my chance.

    Here is the pic:


    Any info will be much appreciated.