Shinku's Megaman Zero Collection Review

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    Introduction - There are no spoilers in this. Review was done with a store-bought copy of the game.
    Yo dawg I herd yo and yo Zero like DSs so we put yo Zero in a DS so yo can DS yo Zero while yo Zero DS's, dawg.

    *Shot. Rapidly. With a Heavy's chaingun.*

    So Capcom's brought the fun, hard, painful Megaman Zero, in all his GBA glory, to the DS in one game. With extras. They coulda given us redone music...but hey, the GBA games gave us some good music. So. On with the yoyo-ing, dawg!


    [Gameplay and Controls: 8/10]
    Now that the games are on the DS, with 4 face buttons instead of 2(one of the GBA version's('s) faults), the game plays a bit better, and a bit nicer on the hands. Having ported the games to the DS, Capcom did at least one smart thing in the translation from GBA to DS: giving us better controls. But, unfortunately, they didn't implement that all that well. The menu for changing the controls to the DS only appears on the game's actual control page, and is therefor touchscreen only. It works, but there are both limitations and downfalls to it. First problem is that you can only change the X and Y controls with it. Thus you have to set them for what you want on the GBA "screen" first. Meaning if something is set to "A", you can only set that to "X" or "Y". On the contrary, you can set "X" and "Y" to be one of the shoulder buttons. Unfortunately, not the "A" or "B" buttons. And the screen is slightly...odd. They could've made it better.

    Onto gameplay, it's generally the same as on the GBA. There is no upscaling, as they've kept the exact same ratio the GBA had(though the touchscreen isn''s rather odd), but thanks to that, the sprites don't look to big or distorted at all, which is nice. The game plays much like the X series, and it's sequels Megaman ZX and ZXA. You can slash. You can shoot. You can block with a nifty boomerang shield that cuts things. In half. And depending on which game, a different "4th" weapon. Either the Triple Rod, Chain Rod, Recoil Rod, or Z Knuckle, respectively. Enemies are usually easily killable. But very often annoying. Playing for about 10 hours, I've yet to actually find any bugs that the GBA versions did not have.

    Overall, still a fun game, and a nice addition to the DS's large quality game list.


    [Graphics: 9/10]
    They're GBA graphics, but they're still damn good graphics anyway. Crisp, usually nice coloring, all the good stuff. The enemy designs and whatnot as just as eye-pleasing as well. If these for used on an actual DS game, they'd still be good. They're universal. I can never make this section longer...


    [Sound and Music: 10/10]
    I gotta give this a perfect 10 in the music aisle, just because I absolutely love the Zero series' music. I haven't found a single track I don't like. All of them are catchy, and match the situation. Though why they used Zero 3's Prismatic theme(Resistance base theme) for the main titles screen, I'm not sure. Not a bad choice, but they could've made something unique. Being on the DS, the music still sounds nice. It's odd how well GBA music makes the translation to the DS. Though it could use a tade more volume...they could've upped that a bit.


    [Lasting Reply: 8/10]
    This is the section that's always a hit or miss for people. Either you like the game, or you don't. Having 4 games in one, all which are good, and a ton of unlockables makes for a lot of replayability. But again, this game series seems to be a hit or miss with people. Some like it. Some don't. It keeps all the original games' modes, though I'm unsure if it kept Megaman Zero 2's mutliplayer, as it really wouldn't be possible to do on a DS without a bit of tweaking. Need confirmation on this one. The games themselves are fun, albeit sometimes hard, and at other times "Throw it again the wall" difficult. And sometimes just easy. With the new "Easy Senario" mode, though, even people who aren't good at it can enjoy it on an easier level. Only drawback is that you have to play the games straight through. But that's not really a drawback, now is it... [​IMG]


    [Overall Score: 9/10]
    It may be a "Hit or Miss" game with most people, but in my books, it hits high in the list of favorites. Being one of my favorite GBA games, I can now still play it without a GBA. It's got plenty of replayability, plenty of unlockables, a lovely track/music list, and it made the transition nicely. The games are nice, though difficult, and can always leave room for improvement, and reason to come back for more.

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    This is a really well done review and has covered alot and most of the game.

    Keep up the good work [​IMG]