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    Hi I am planning to swap my black o3ds with a flame red shell. Does anyone know where I could buy an official shell? Also is there any good guide I only saw one video that took apart the 3ds.
    Thanks in advance!
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    You can find the parts on eBay. I know this seller has original Nintendo parts, but it looks like when it comes to housing all the different sections are listed separately, so you'd have to buy each one individually.

    There are also some complete sets on eBay. I've never bought anything from that particular seller, so I can't say whether the parts would be original, but they do at least claim they are.

    It's would be way easier though to just buy a black 3DS and swap your motherboard into its housing. Then you could take the motherboard that was originally in the black 3DS and put it in your red housing and sell it. In the end you could probably finish your project for free:lol:
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