Sega Classic Arcade Machines as Lego Miniatures


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Feb 16, 2011
Just discovered this Lego Ideas project and just had to share it here:

It's a set proposal for miniature representations of three classic Sega arcade machines:
  • Space Harrier
  • Out Run
  • Thunder Blade

SpacySmoke on Lego Ideas said:
Build miniature representations of classic Sega arcade games out of Lego bricks! These minifigure-scaled replicas will look good displayed on your desk at work or home and are perfect for use in your Lego City! The three included minifigures look great at the controls of these detailed builds.

These tiny models can even move a little bit just like the actual arcade cabinets! B-)
The project needs 10.000 supporters on Lego Ideas to actually become a set that Lego will produce. This was reason enough for me to sign up there. They also have a lot of other great community designed projects on the site.

Some more images:

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