1. noisecreator

    OP noisecreator Newbie

    Feb 12, 2016

    I installed h-encore to my PCH-2000 Vita using auto-h-encore. Then precisely followed the guide in this forum to get SD2Vita working. After the final reboot, h-encore works, but it takes longer than usual to exit. Afterwards I cannot open VitaShell or Switch SD2Vita, I always get the message "file corrupt".

    Any ideas what might be wrong? SD card? Formatting? Something else?

    Edit: Nevermind. Works now, after formatting once again (3rd time)..
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  2. ArthurTomas

    ArthurTomas Newbie

    Feb 10, 2021
    Please! Can someone help me? I have PS Vita Slim unlocked in version 3.65. When I try to use sd2vita 5.0 with a 256GB SD card from Sandisk and when I restart applications, for example, vitashell is a corrupted file. Follow the HardLevel youtube video. I've tried to copy the files from ux0 to sd card. Card formatted in "Exfat - 32kb, 64kb and standard" and did not work. I've tried to delete or rename the folder "tai /" from ux0. But it didn't work either. I've also tried to edit the "Ur0" config.txt file and it didn't work either. I have already installed the latest version "AutoPlugin" and the new version II. I chose the option "install SD2VITA plugin" and restarted and when I see the system the 256GB was recognized. Appears in capacity and free space "-" this trace started h-encore and when I access the applications they appear as a corrupted file. I try to restore the applications through Qcma, but the message "You need a memory card inserted" appears, then I have to format and start the unlock process again. The unlocking works, the AutoPlugin sd2vita function does not. I researched on foreign youtube channels as "Tech James" and I was unable to use sd2vita. So I decided to buy a sd2vita from the video at Mercado Livre. Does it work now? Anyone who can help me will be very grateful.
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