1. KingManu23

    OP KingManu23 Member

    Jan 28, 2016
    Hi Guys

    I just bought a SX Pro dongle for the Nintendo switch. My switch is one of the unpatched models.
    Anyways as a test i inserted a sdxc 128gb memory card into the switch and booted into OFW first. It comes up with the notification "A Microsdxc memory card has been inserted. To use this SD Card, please perform a system update".

    From that i suspect it will update my current firmware 5.10 to 6.0?
    Is OFW 6.0 supported with SX Pro?
    I have not done any updates on the dongle itself so its straight out of the box.

    When booting with the SX Pro dongle and the jig and going into custom firmware mode i still get the "A Microsdxc memory card has been inserted. To use this SD Card, please perform a system update"

    I tried to follow the guide: https://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-...tch-console-on-any-ofw-without-update.505182/

    Though when i get to the part when i drag and drop my XCI game file to the patch.bat (Using the all-in-one package), i get an invalid header XCI error in the dos/command prompt.
    It has the keys.txt in that folder also

    I have tested with two xci games and same issue.
    Is there an easy way to do this? IF i select to update the system and then plug in my sxpro and boot into custom firmware to activate the sx pro license will i be able to boot xci backups from the album folder?

    Any support is appreciated
    Thanks Guys
  2. Draxzelex

    Draxzelex GBAtemp Legend

    Aug 6, 2017
    United States
    The prompt you are seeing is the exFAT patch for Horizon. All Switch units do not support exFAT out of the box and need an additional patch to support that filesystem. Nintendo only allows users on the latest firmware to download the patch officially. If you do not wish to update your firmware but want exFAT, use ChoiDujourNX to patch your firmware to allow exFAT; it doesn't require keys to be used but you must locate and obtain the firmware files of the firmware you wish to install elsewhere. If you want exFAT without changing your firmware, locate the firmware files of your current firmware. When using ChoiDujourNX, it will install AutoRCM by default which you can toggle off when not changing your firmware. You also must use another CFW to use this tool as SX OS does not support it.
    ReiNX: https://reinx.guide/
    Atmosphere: https://www.sdsetup.com/
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