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    I just got a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP NES Limited Edition, the only problem is that the top has scratches on it. Now I wanted to know if anyone has some remedies to remove them or atleast make it a little bit more presentable?
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    As in the paint layer has a few scratches?

    Some remedies that I would try, keep in mind that once you do you can't undo...

    -Go over the scratches with as close a color of sharpie as you can find
    -or with as close a color paint as you can find (difficult to get on precisely though)
    -probably your best bet, would be a few coats of Spray Clear coat. Goes on like a mist of water, a few coats and you will have a very thin glossy clear coat. It ended up yellowing a tiny bit in one area when I used it on a guitar hero guitar, but that was because too much pooled in one spot. I have the Krylon brand Clear Polyurethane spray, color "GLOSS" number "7005"

    Hope that opens a few options for you
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    If it isn't the paint, and it's the screen, I've used "Brasso" (you can get it pretty much anywhere), and "Displex" (I got it on Amazon) to varying degrees of success. It usually depends on the type of cloth I use for application. I recommend either good quality fine microfibre cloths, or really fine dusting cloth. That's what usually works for me when I have light/mild scratches on plastic screens.