Samsung Galaxy A8 - GC emulation for EU User!

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    Jan 8, 2018

    I recently got a Samsung Galaxy A8 and it's a wonderful device, especially when you're looking to play your favourite GameCube games on the go! I wasn't expecting much in terms of GameCube emulation on European smartphones. As you might know, American smartphones (from Samsung Galaxy S8 on) have a very powerful processor that runs gamecube games without any problem, but the europeans have to stick with inferiour processors. Well that's going about to change!

    I tested a few Gamecube games on the Samsung Galaxy A8 with Dolphin v5.0-7199 (Not available in the Google Play Store. You need to download an APK from the website). It's worth to note, that the A8 has a GameLauncher feature which you definately want to turn on. After a few tests, I came to the best results, turning "Battery Saving Mode" on (both on Game Launcher & Smartphone). I also used US ISOs (on v1.00) as I believe that those would be the most optimzed for the Dolphin emulator.

    CPU Core -> JIT ARM64 Recompiler
    Dual Core -> ON
    Overriede Emulated CPU Clock Speed -> ON
    Emulated CPU Clock Speed -> 101%
    Video Backend -> Vulkan
    Shader Compilation Mode -> Synchronus
    Internat Resolution -> 1x Native (640 x 528)
    Anti-aliasing -> 1x
    Anisotropic Filtering -> 1x
    Ignore Format Changes -> ON
    Store EFB Copies to Texture Only -> ON
    Store XFB Copies to Texture Only -> ON
    Fast Depth Calculation -> ON
    Aspect Ratio -> Auto

    (I only wrote the options I turned on. All the others are off)

    Here are my results:


    Mario Party 6:
    This game runs pretty smoothly both on the boards and minigames. The FPS can go up to 60 FPS, mostly running with a stable 55 FPS.

    Super Smash Bros. Melee:
    The all beloved fighting game runs very smoothly and the FPS vary from 33, 48 to 55 FPS. Although the FPS often change, the game feels very smoothly. 4 Player Matches have an average of 40FPS.

    Pokémon Colosseum:
    I only tested the Battle Simulation mode, which runs with a good 30FPS, which is definately acceptable, considering that is a very static game.

    Mario Power Tennis:
    The Tennis matches (1vs1) run with an average of 40FPS.

    Mario Party 4:
    This game runs well. The board game section is a bit slow, but the minigames run very well.


    Super Mario Sunshine:
    This game is unplayable with an average of 5FPS.

    Mario Super Star Baseball:
    Low Framerate and a lot of flickering, making it impossible to play.

    Pokémon XD - Gale of Darkness:
    Causes a bug, which makes this game unable to run.

    Mario Party 5:
    Sound runs, but the rest not.

    I haven't tested any other GC Games, so any help to keep this thread up to date would be appreciated. Considering the fact, that MKDD doesn't run that well on American devices, I would say that this game as well as the 3D Sonic Games are unplayable at this state.

    It's already good to know, that the EU users get to a way, where Gamecube Emulation is a thing. So I expect that we're getting smartphones within the next 1-2 years that can smoothly run GC Games :)

    To smoothly emulate older gaming consoles isn't a problem for the A8, considering the fact that those already ran perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S5mini.

    As for PSP, I definately think, that the A8 is capable of running PSP games in an acceptable state. A friend of mine has a Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Monster Hunter titles run very well on this device, but I haven't tested any PSP games as for now.

    So as for my knowledge the Samsung Galaxy A8, is probably the best european smartphone up to date, if you want to play your favourite classic games on the go!
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