safe to download latest DSi Update?

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    DSi Update?


    I own an R4i with the v1.4 yellow sticker on it, and have never updated my DSI for fear it won't work but I also don't know what I'm missing out on and cannot find what version is the latest nintendo update and if it's safe to do an update now as there was a kernel update on the 25 of feb this year, can you please tell me if I can safely update to use the online browsing or whatever other features I'm missing out on with this new kernel?

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    ps. what am I missing out on?
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    You are missing out on nothing...the updates so far have just be piracy related and "under the hood" improvements that nobody seems to be able to notice. In other words, there is no point in updating your DSi unless you want something from the shop or just want to use the lame browser that comes with the DSi.
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    DSi's latest update is version 1.4.1. If you really want to update, buy a better card like Acekard 2i, EZ-Flash Vi or DSTwo since your R4 will be rendered useless.