Gaming Running two of the same game at once?

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Nov 21, 2005
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If you can't persuade something to take input via another means (say a controller to keyboard adapter program) then the two main things people would look at are

Virtualisation being the main one for Windows users. Might want a second controller or keyboard to kick things to it.

Paravirtualisation/sandboxing. being what most would use on Windows for this. It will attempt to run a game in its own sectioned off area of Windows and might allow you to dodge some aspects. It is however a program (for a virtual machine you would get to install a whole OS into it and run that) and should still speak to the hardware (which might be a problem).

Beyond that then time to play hacker or hope one or both is open source. Some might get something working with a script to pull focus if a certain input device (or one in a set of keys) is pressed and flick between programs in a flash to effectively fake it.

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