[Rooted] Nook Color [Question]

Discussion in 'Android' started by The_Meistro, Oct 8, 2015.

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    Aug 22, 2015
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    Hello i have a rooted Nook Color. I have TWRP set up on boot and i currently have no ROM is installed. My question is what would be a good ROM to install that would run well on Nook Color? Thank you to all those who know stuff about Android and can help me. Help is appreciated!

    What! I can do more than install HBL on 3DS!
    Btw i think its Android 2.3 also lol dont judge!
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    I have Cyanogenmod on my Nook Color, but it's sh*t because I can't get the entire Gapps package to install. I blame the government
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    I usually run CM7 on mine. Dated, but runs well. Some version of CM9 may be the best bet. I have put as high as Kit Kat on it, but the browser is slow on the newer versions of Android. The CPU on it just isn't too powerful by moderns standards.
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