Rhythm Tengoku (GBA)

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    I'm pretty new to this hacking and group stuff but I want to know if there is any text editor for non-Pokemon GBA games?

    I know there are some for each games (FE, Mother) but isn't there one for Rhythm Tengoku? General programs for GBA?
    And anything I need to know and learn (basics and skills etc.) for hacking GBA games?


    *Moderators, I found the Rhythm Tengoku Silver thread, please delete this thread. But to be honest I don't know the difference between Rhythm Tengoku and Silver.*
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    Jul 21, 2011
    First of all start by searching around if the game you want to translate is not already translated:

    second try reading the stiky thread on top of this forum because you have most of the infos you need there.

    3rd: try to ask questions in the right way and make yourself look like a lazy fool from the first post you post here.

    Last but not least, that game is probably the wrong game to begin with. It's full of special compressions and formats from what i heard.

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    It's a game that uses graphics to show a lot of the text, so no matter how hard you search for text you won't find much.
    I recommend starting with a DS game for learning, and read the sticky threads in the NDS Hacking section (there's no text editor for everything, but there are ways to alter the text)
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    I apologize greatly, sir.
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    Thank you for answering my lazy questions.

    I hope somebody close this thread.