Revo K101+ and special cards?

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    Jul 17, 2014
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    yesterday I received my Revo K101+ and I gave it a good test with some of my "irregular" GBA cartridges. Here are my results:

    Supercard Mini: Menu does not work, you can still blindly navigate and launch games, though.

    EZFlash IV Micro: Does not work at all, freezes at the splas screen.

    Yoshi Topsy Turvy/Universal Gravity: This game has a built in tilt sensor. However, the K101+ does not recognize the tilting motion, it always thinks the device is tilted to the left.

    Wario Ware Twisted: In a similar fashion like universal gravity this game has a built in (yet more advanced) tilting sensor. Interestingly, this one works fine in the K101+, even rumble works fine.

    I understand that, with the K-Card there really is no reason to use the Supercard and EZflash. But I would like to play all my original games on it, including universal gravity. Does someone know why Wario Ware Twisted works but universal gravity does not? Is there some way to get it to work with the original cartridge?