1. Andorin

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    Jul 15, 2020
    Hi everybody !

    First of all, so nice to meet all of your community, learnt and discovered so much things in the past few days on your forum. So nice ! :bow:
    I have not found any answer to my question on the internet, and I've even never found my question (as if it was evident for everybody and not me... :rofl2:)

    I just installed the last LibRetro emulator from the last RetroArch version to play FF7 on my N3DS.
    As the game is playing wonderfully and I want to keep playing through the three discs, I'm affraid that I did probably wrong when I put the game on my SD Card and I fear the moment I will have to change disc. Will it be possible with the way I proceeded ?

    I created a multi-disc .PBP file (with the 3 .bin images) with PSX2PSP then put it on my SD. Then, in my 3DS, launched the PSX emulator (from RetroArch) and the games launches perfectly.

    Will I be able to change disc when the game will ask me to ?
    Or maybe should I have to paste the three .bin files of the game on my SD and name them in a specific way ?

    (+) I'm aware of the .chd files, is it rly better to play with that kind of files instead of .bins ?

    Hope I've been clear, thanks to all of you.
  2. justinweiss

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    May 29, 2016
    United States
    You shouldn't have a problem -- you can change discs through the menu. As long as you're also saving to the "memory card," the worst case would be that you would have to rename some files. But it should be fine.

    CHD / PBP are both much faster than .bin/.cue on 3DS, the 3DS is so slow loading from SD card that shrinking data as much as possible is very helpful.
  3. Rahkeesh

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    Apr 3, 2018
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    Quick menu has disc management, that will let you swap between discs within a multi-disc PBP. You can call up the menu at any time while playing a game to do so.
  4. TurdPooCharger


    Jan 1, 2018
    United States
    Here's an example in how to setup RetroArch (PCSX ReARMed core).
    To run multidisc games in .CHD format, place the converted files in the same directory.
    • sdmc:/roms/psx/
      • Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1) [SCUS-94163].chd
      • Final Fantasy VII (Disc 2) [SCUS-94164].chd
      • Final Fantasy VII (Disc 3) [SCUS-94165].chd
      • Final Fantasy VII.m3u
    For the .M3U file, create this with a text editor like Notepad or Programmer's Notepad. If the *.chd files are named with special characters, save that *.m3u in Encoding: unicode.

    Have this written in the Final Fantasy VII.m3u file.
    Final Fantasy VII (U) (Disc 1) [SCUS-94163].chd
    Final Fantasy VII (U) (Disc 2) [SCUS-94164].chd
    Final Fantasy VII (U) (Disc 3) [SCUS-94165].chd

    Launch the *.m3u instead of the individual *.chd roms. When the game asks you eject and switch to the next disc,
    • MAIN MENUQuick MenuDisc ControlEject DiscCurrent Disc Index (1 → 2) → Insert Disc
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