..retrieve game's header on new3DS ?..how?..

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  1. puss2puss

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    Dec 18, 2013
    helllllo again all tempers and temperesses!:ph34r:
    ..i have a question about headers on game's cartridge (not sure its wrote like this but you know what i mean..)..for new3DS (..9.0.0-20U..)

    I need to know, is there a way to retrieve a game's header without actually making a backup of it? like, a homebrew that would find the header from the game inserted into the 3ds..

    If not, is it possible to make a backup, with the new 3ds, using GW's website and launcher.dat ? (..i have a sky3ds btw..) i know its possible with the old 3ds..but not sure about n3ds..
    thanks! ^_^
  2. lemanuel

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    Dec 11, 2014
    GW still doesn't support N3DS. So their launcher is useless for N3DS at this point.

    Currently there's two ways to get a header.
    Either dump the game and extract it from the rom (which would require GW's launcher and compatible console) or RAM dumping (which there's a tool available somewhere here in the forum). However I'm not sure if the 2nd option works for N3DS, maybe not.