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    Hey guys, I recently searched into how to transfer saves off of retail game carts so that I won't have to carry around all of my retail carts wherever I go, and I found this tutorial.

    I followed the directions exactly as they were written and so far it has taken about five hours for the save to transfer (and it's not even finished yet O.o)...

    I was just wondering if anyone know if this is normal? The game I am trying to transfer the save from is Kirby Canvas Curse whose save is 8192 bytes (according to the program).

    Thanks for all the help. (And if anyone knows a better, more efficient method, please let me know!)

    Nevermind!! Somehow the program got paused... It really takes no time at all once you get started... I just finished up transferring all of my game saves in about ten minutes... O.o Lol!

    An admin can now close this please!!