[Request] YSMenu.nds with *one* byte changed (or help doing it myself)

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    Jan 7, 2016
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    The way ysloader mod works is when you select a nds rom to load it (over)writes a line in ysmenu.ini. Specifically the AUTO_BOOT= line. I want to use YSMenu's auto boot feature to auto boot moonshell but every time I use it it replaces my preference with the rom I just chose :(.
    If someone could change just one bye from the part of the rom that specifies the path for the ini file this issue can be avoided.
    I've tried changing a byte myself in a hex editor but that causes it to not load anymore.
    If anyone can help me that would be very appreciated.

    *edit* When I changed the byte in YSmenu the actual YSmenu.nds became unusable.
    I made the appropriate changes to extlink/config.ini
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    You can rename almost any .nds to the (bootfilenamehere).dat and it will work fine...