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    Jul 13, 2014
    I need some help, I need something tested.

    The people who test this must be on 10.6 or lower, and have a hardmod (or be highly courageous/willing not to blame me if it goes wrong).

    I need my tool, FrankenUpdater, tested. You can get it at:


    That tool should make the upgrade of CIAs on a FrankenFirmware (used for online access without downgrading/using temporary CTR-HTTPWN) more foolproof, but I need someone to test whether it works or whether I made a horrible mistake and it ends up bricking the device.

    Download FrankenUpdater from gs2012.xyz.

    Install it as you would any other 3DS homebrew app.

    Get the CIAs for your region/model (You can check them at the README, or boot the app and click SELECT) via 3DNUS.

    Place the CIAs under SD:/cia

    Open the app and press A to install the CIAs.

    Pray for it not to brick.

    Power off your system when it says it is done, and reboot.

    If it boots, that's a good start. Go to System Settings, and see if the last 2 numbers changed to those of the latest version (ex. 10.3.0-28 users should now see 10.3.0-32 (as of 10.7.0-32). If that happens, make sure you can go online on friends list. If that works, please report so to me. If not, please report so to me.

    Thank you.
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