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    For about the last week or so I have been trying to make various changes to Pokemon Sun and Moon, with limited success. It seems like the only significant swaps possible are trainer animations and pokemon/trainer textures. Which brings me to why I'm making this post. I need someone to help me swap, or rather add animations to a trainer. I would do it myself, but pk3ds's unpacking tool refuses to function for me, no matter what I do. I am trying to add Olivia's animations to Lillie's animation-less battle model. Yes, Lillie does have a battle model, in a/1/7/0 002.bin is her normal version, and 003.bin is her Z-Powered form. I have included a .zip file with the stuff you will need if you decide to help me out, including a README file with the request spelled out in a simpler way, and a link to CrystalLink's animation swap tutorial over on Project Pokemon.
    Good job if you took the time to read all the way through this, and thanks in advance.
    Edit: Got a hold of a different computer that pk3ds could unpack on, did the swap, and black screen. Any suggestions?

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