[Request] Monster Hunter 4/Generations Framework tools

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    Aug 1, 2018
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    I am aware of the all purpose MT Framework tool by lukascone on the xentax boards which works for almost all capcom games which is a godsend, however it only imports to 3ds max. As far as I know, his MT framework script imports animations and models but does not export them.

    I wish to export the imported MH files as a .mod so i can repackage them into my monster hunter rom after making modifications to certain models. I have looked everywhere, tried EVERYTHING.

    I have tried using Aman's Resident Evil 5 Mod script to export but as far as i'm concerned it only works on Resident Evil 5 .mod files and whenever i try importing or exporting the .Mod file breaks.

    I've used the Re6/RE Revelations 1 and 2 Mod Scripts but those frameworks also don't seem to work with monster hunter .Mod files, only for their respective games.

    I've constantly looked for ANYTHING regarding monster hunter framework tools but i'm not sure if this is even possible to edit models and repack them due to lack of an MT framework tool tailored to MH4/MHX

    If there is ANY information, please let me know, thank you.