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    I really want some console roguelikes ported at some point, and that will never happen without a proper input method. If anybody wants to take this on I'd appreciate it. It would also allow for a lot more diversity in standard computing applications like text editor or a remote terminal or what have you.

    I'd like for a module to be made that accepts inputs the way Steam Big Picture does.
    Big Picture Version

    Some changes would need to be made to accommodate o3DS, since it lacks zl/r. It'd also probably help to have numpad vs regular numbers for roguelike use.

    I'd suggest changing the interface to include a neutral option if no inputs are made as well.

    My proposed setup is this. The number left of the = is the corresponding numpad direction. The right are the xyba buttons, in that order.

    2 = a,b,c,num2     L2 = A,B,C,2   R2 = some symbols
    3 = d,e,f,num3     L3 = D,E,F,3   R3 = some more symbols
    6 = g,h,i,num6     L6 = G,H,I,6   R6 = you get it
    9 = j,k,l,num9     L9 = J,K,L,9
    8 = m,n,o,num8     L8 = M,N,N,8
    7 = p,q,r,num7     L7 = P,Q,R,7
    4 = s,t,u,num4     L4 = S,T,U,4
    3 = v,w,x,num3     L3 = V,W,X,3
    1 = y,z,",",num1   L1 = Y,Z,".",1
    5 = space, bspace, enter, num5   L5 = <,>,?,5
    A small portion of the bottom screen can show which inputs would be what. For instance, if you were holding right it should look like
     g     i
    if L were pressed and you were holding left, it should look like this
     S     U
    if nothing were held, it would look like this or you could add symbols like a return or backspace sign
    spc   ent
    So, who's gonna call me lazy for not tackling this myself? I'm not sure you want poorly written bad stuff as something to be plugged into other projects, and I messed up setting up the dev environment anyways.

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