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    Sep 26, 2019
    The savegames appear similar but look to require a bit of work to convert.

    The Steam PC savegame (\AppData\Local\CrossCode\cc.save) is encrypted with crypto-js and can be decrypted with Streetclaw's editor. I had trouble loading the file and instead used the raw output provided by pressing F10 in game. Example of decrypted savegame here (game version v1.3.0-4).

    The Switch savegame (also cc.save) is not encrypted. Example of savegame here (game version v1.0.10, savegame mentions version v1.2.0-2, savegame from earliest point in game). Same example with literal newlines and tabs replaced and most escape characters removed here.

    Note: upon loading my PC save after a long time, there was mention of some PC exclusive 'DLC' (update), some minor content. May be an issue between the saves.

    It may be useful if anyone wants to provide their Switch savegame from much further in the game. And version of the game at the time it was dumped.

    Update: Success! I was able to manually convert the save. I'm sure a tool could be made.

    Converted save (and after it's been re-saved in-game and given some validation). And in more readable form.

    • "position" changed a bit but not hard to work with
    • "version" had no impact
    • "player" > "spLevel" value had quotations only on PC - seemingly no impact
    • "player" > "levelUpDelta" > "elemFactor" only on PC - may just be early latter save
    • "player" > "core" slightly different formatting but I think the values align
    • "specialMap" don't know purpose but possibly related to your current location
    • "party" > "models" > "[each character]" contained a new child "noDie" on Switch
    • "message" > "sideMessages" have slightly different coding for colour and what I guess is timing
    • "floor" value was "MISSING LABEL" on my PC save - seemingly no impact, may be cosmetic
    • "vars" > "storage" > "plot" > "version" was 3 on PC and 2 on Switch - I believe it increases with progress in the game
    • "vars" > "storage" > "call" value null on PC but blank on early-game Switch, becoming null again on re-saving
    • "vars" > "storage" PC had numerous new children with some odd names including "undefined", "test", and "babble" that the Switch did not - may be due to early latter save
    • "vars" > "storage" > "tmp" had a few unique children on both platforms
    • "permaTask" is multi-lang on PC, English only on Switch
    • "gui" describes the transient hint / help text in the bottom-right of the screen
    • "quests" > "locale" is multi-lang on PC, English only on Switch
    • "tradersFound" is multi-lang on PC, English only on Switch
    • the Switch version performed a degree of validation on re-saving a converted savegame
    All version numbers with the exception of the "plot" > "version" are identical, e.g. skillUpdate, traderUpdate, loreUpdate, trophyUpdate, moneyFix, etc, have the same values.

    I don't know what the PC-exclusive content is and haven't identified it.

    Update: Circuit tree wasn't as expected and was fixed by resetting the appropriate boss fight and element reveal.

    Fixed save.

    Didn't notice at first having not dusted off the original PC save in years, aside from the recent launch on PC to give it a once-over and any alterations the game may perform for the changes in versions since.

    The save file showed no obvious reasons for the behaviour, which was essentially the game having the one unlocked heat element partially accessible while unlocking the wave element inexplicably. Something was seemingly triggering the wave's unlocking but I wasn't able to locate it. Ultimately, I don't think it was an explicit trigger to unlock that specific element but rather a reaction to not fully recognising the heat element as having been unlocked. Eventually found a solution in resetting the heat element's unlocking scenario, the values in "vars" > "storage" > "maps" > "coldDng/b3/room7", and beating that boss once more. A side effect was losing the previously chosen skills in the heat tree. After this re-unlocking, there were no issues with the wave element.

    Having just written all this, I've just noticed the addition to "feats" of "element-heat": true. Haven't tested it but that may be all you need here.

    If you're going to try this yourself, you may have more complications in this way the further your progress in the game. This savegame had just entered the Maroon Valley. I'd still consider it very doable whatever your progress.
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