Replacing Wii Motherboard

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    Dec 31, 2012
    Hi! I'm having some doubts. About 3 months ago I black bricked my Wii... no bootme as boot2, no priiloader. I know, *facedesk*. Anyway, going to the point, I send it to a guy who repairs this kind of stuff.
    Finally he came to the same conclusion I did... Replace the motherboard. I´m ok with that, I just want to keep playing :lol:
    The thing is, he only can get EU motherboards, and since my Wii was US (with hard-modchip) what kind of consequences could arise with the chip and stuff? ¿The hardmodchips are region-free? (I really don't know what brand of chip was installed on my Wii).
    Is it a good idea to put an EU motherboard on a US Wii? What about all the US games I already have?
    Thanks for your time guys, I really appreciate it :)