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    Hey, I was wondering, is it possible to take the NAND out of the Wii, connect it to a PC, flash it, and then install the system menu back on to it. If possible it would be a good way to recover from permanent bricks, right?
    Oh and is it possible to like replace the NAND altogether with something like a portable hard disk, or even a flash drive? What if it's formatted to WBFS. Is the NAND even in WBFS?
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    NAND replacement/flashing/hacking development died early on for "general" hacking circles but it can be done (youtube will probably have some older videos of regions switching and use of NAND found in a USB flash drive), you can not replace it with something else (other than another compatible NAND chip) or otherwise upgrade the size though (it was explored a bit but NAND emulation and other stuff rendered it kind of pointless).
    Having a raw NAND backup (you can probably use the bootmii one with a bit of effort) or spare NAND will make your wii truly brickproof though.

    We do not tend to use it for hacking as it is complex, software works exceptionally well and keys can trouble these efforts.

    WBFS is a custom file system developed for the wii by the hackers of it to dodge issues with older/other file systems and has nothing to do with Nintendo. may be of interest if you want to take this further.