Removing and re-making NNID

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    Most of my 3DS systems (all working ones in fact) have the same NNID. However, with how this works, I can only log in and use the E-shop on one of them. I want to know of a way to create a new NNID on the ones that don't connect, without formatting my EmuNAND. I'm guessing there's a way with decrypting the emuNAND, and modifying or deleting a file. I don't need my purchases to link, I just want to use badge center and demos on any of them
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    In system settings I guess. I know that there is an nnid option.
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    You need to delete the NNID. Or call Nintendo and have them unlink them.
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    I believe that you can only clone your source 3DS's digital contents + NNID by
    (1) Backup source emuNAND,
    (2) System Transfer,
    (3) Restore source emuNAND backup,
    to make several 3DSes shared the same digital contents & NNID, isn't it?

    Since Nintendo only recognizes NNID on the latest System Transfer target, your previous sources are definitely unable to use that NNID otherwise all your ticket (=digital content's identification) one that clone should be wiped out.

    If you want to use your cloned digital contents with a brand new NNID, I think you may need to register it on a new emuNAND, then manually move the new NNID data to replace old NNID data. (Need emuNAND decryption & modification)
    Since your new NNID doesn't have any ticket, your cloned digital contents should be wiped out unless you never connect it to the Internet or prepay everything on your new NNID before moving it.

    If you do not want to use your cloned digital contents on a new NNID, just use a new emuNAND to register it.
    Your 3DSes, which store your old clones, should be NNID-free that is able to be registered any new one.
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    You are on the money, you need to xor the emunand and open it in winimage I did it some weeks back following a few different guides.

    Here's the link:
  6. froggestspirit

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