Hacking [RELEASE] VCNDSLayout Editor


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Mar 30, 2019
Allows to modify the file "configuration_cafe.json" of the Wii U NDS Virtual Console.

Download <-- Alpha 2

  • Import/Export of layouts from an unpacked Wii U NDS Virtual Console game.
  • Layout for Wii U NDS Virtual Console (.luds) format to easily share custom layouts.
  • Edit the position, scale and rotation of NDS virtual screens with real-time preview.
  • Easily add images for the background of each layout.
  • Save the previews.
  • Modify the description of each layout in each language.
  • Edit rendering scale, bilinear filter, brightness, pixel art upscaler and "fold on pause" arguments.


  • Unpack a Wii U NDS Virtual Console game (three folders, code, content and meta).
  • Open VCNDSLayout Editor, select Import, choose the folder of the game you unpacked.
  • Edit position, scale or add a background in layouts.
  • Save the modifications in a .luds file and/or
  • Export the custom Layout, choose the folder of the game you unpacked.
  • Repackaged the game (files, title.cert, title.tik, title.tmd, ".app" and ".h3") and install it like any other game for WUP Installer.
  • Enjoy.

Alpha 2 (2020-09-14)
- Implement the JSON library separately.
- Assembled signed.

Alpha 1 (2020-05-30)
- Initial release.

Example file: NDS Lite.luds
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