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    Apr 4, 2019

    I come here to show my new software: Super Mario 3D World Trainers :)
    I would like to point out that this is only for the WiiU version :yayu:
    • What is it?
    Super Mario 3D World Trainers alias SM3DWT is a cheating software for the Super Mario 3D World game. I would like to say that I was inspired by the software developed by GamePil. But where all the links are out of order.
    • Pictures?
    Yes, here they are.


    • Additional information.
    Programmed in C#
    Versions of the WiiU tested: 5.5.4E
    Gecko Version: TCP Gecko DotNet
    Link to the original program.
    List of code cheats.

    Cheats codes
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