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  1. GizmoTheGreen

    GizmoTheGreen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Oct 8, 2009

    just a simple tool...
    I made this because I'm too lazy to get my code.bin file and use SUMO IPS Helper hehe
    it will work with any .IPS patches for any game.
    works great with the IPS patches from this post (pkmn sun/moon! ;P)

    coded in Java so should work on any OS.


    java -jar IPSMerge file1.ips file2.ips ... etc

    it'll spit out code.ips (previous, if any exist will be overwritten without prompt!)
    you can then just throw it in /luma/titles/"titleID"/ for your game :)

    Hope it's of use to anyone :P

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  2. Ericjwg

    Ericjwg GBAtemp Psycho!

    Jul 2, 2015
    so the offset order in ips file does not matter? I see……
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