ReiNAND & some GBA VC Issues

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  1. Leslie White

    Leslie White GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 21, 2015
    Hello, I own an euro N3DSXL (sysnand 9.0 / Gateway emunand 10.5).

    GW not allowing GBA VC games, I decided to install reinand CFW (the latest one, with the latest firmware.bin), alongside GW, using ctr boot manager.

    I installed the patched agbfirm with FBI and some gba vc games on both emunand and sysnand (as they're unlinked).

    But, I have a small issue : some gba games are working under reinand emunand (the ambassador games, found on that iso site, some others aren't (custom ones).

    What's weird is that the custom gba vc games which don't work with reinand emunand are working on my other 3ds (old 3ds with rxtools emunand 10.5)

    Do you have an idea why those games don't work ? Is this a custom made gba vc game issue ? Is this reinand related ? Am I missing something ?

    Thanks for your answers :)