Red Screen with NTSC games (copy) !

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    Nov 14, 2008
    Hi guys

    I have a problem with NTSC games.
    I explain : I have got 2 TVs (one cathodic TV and one LCD). When i'm using the wii's basic cable with cathodic TV in order to play at Soulcalibur (NTSC-US), my screen stays with normal colors. When i'm using it to play at One Piece Unlimited Adventure (NTSC-US), my screen becomes black and white. But when i try with LCD TV, my screen stays with normal colors. So : My cathodic TV normaly accepts NTSC games but with backup launcher or other homebrew loader, i have a big problem. I try with Tales of Symphonia 2 in NTSC, such problem. For NTSC-J, such problem that NTSC-US...
    Just Soulcalibur is an originaly game.
    So i bought a RGB cable (RGB for europeans) and i try it with my cathodic TV, my screen didn't become black and white this time but RED !!!
    I don't understand why i have this problem, why all NTSC games work with LCD TV and just originaly NTSC games work with cathodic TV...
    I'm desperate because i must play with a red screen (ToS 2 in red )...
    Maybe i could have some help please.
    Thank you so much if you can help me.

    I PRECISE I HAVE PATCHED Tales of Symphonia 2 NTSC-US to PAL !!