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    Aug 5, 2015

    Yesterday I got a power surge while booting my PS4 5.05 now it is stuck when rebuilding the database.
    And the only way to fix it seems to do a clean install.

    If I switch the hard drive is there any chance that I can put the original hard drive as USB external storage and get the save data using FTP or something else ?
    Or am I doomed and lost all my saves ...
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    Feb 9, 2014
    I also would like to know
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    No. the original HDD would not be seen as extended storage.

    Have you tried the 'restart PS4', 'rebuild database' or 'restore default settings' options in Safe Mode?
    I would try these first in that order.
    If you do the restore dafault settings your saves will still be there, you will just have to set all your ps4 settings again.

    Also before you give up and Initialise the PS4 (which will delete everthing) I would try the update system software option to try and reinstall the 5.05 update pup.
    This might not be possible because you probably would have to remove the update blocker first which you cant do because you cant boot your PS4 properly.

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    To confirm I just put my old PS4 HDD in a USB enclosure and connected it to the same PS4 and it says "The USB storage device's file system is not Supported"
    This HDD is my original PS4 HDD I had before I upgraded the PS4 HDD and it still works with the PS4 if I plug it in internally.
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