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    Hey guys, i need some help deciding what is the best flashcard to get for my new 3ds. I'm only looking to play DS games on it and my N3DS has CFW on it. I have an acekard2i but it's been having a ton of issues working, both my N3DS and my DSi have a ton of trouble picking it up and when it does pick up the flashcard, i have to worry if my game will freeze, cause it does happen pretty often. Can anyone recommend a really good flashcard where i guess the build of the card is good quality, where i won't have any issues with the system reading it? I honestly think my issue is the gold plates on the card are worn out or something, so i'm looking to get something that has a nice build quality to it.
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    This is a good cart with Wood R4 and RTS and it doesn't have a timebomb that stops it from working after a year like a lot of them do.