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    Here comes the Wii Mini NAND dumper.

    R-E-A-D C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y

    It's straight forward: Run it from within HBC.

    It dumps directly to an attached USB drive with ECC data included.

    No inputs required.

    In order to accomplish the dumping process, you need these prerequisites:

    IF you have all the above prerequisites, the app does the following:

    1.) Reloads into the HW_AHBPROT patched IOS236
    2.) Disables MEMPROT automatically
    3.) Patches IOS for gaining access back to /dev/flash (will be patched until the console is turned off)
    4.) (Ab)uses IOS and mounts /dev/flash
    5.) (Ab)uses IOS and dumps to usb:/WiiFlash_n_ECC.img (encrypted NAND binary)
    6.) (Ab)uses IOS and dumps to usb:/WFD_XXX_YY.img ("Error" data - which is not really neccessary)
    7.) Creates LOGFILE usb:/WiiFlash.log

    ??? - What's missing: The NAND key. You can obtain it using @DarkMatterCore's modified version of @bushing's Xyzzy.

    Have phun.

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    uwu? But anyways, nice.
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